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Wedding days can fly by seemingly at the speed of light. Everyone is busy as a bee, from the bride to the florist, bridal party, groomsmen, or even the venue. I love delivering ever-lasting moments and little bits of my couples' special day. In twenty years, I want them to remember even the most unnoticed minutes, like how their bridal suite was filled with color, how their hair stylist perfected the flowers that went into the bride's hair, all the coffee that the bride had, or what she was listening to as she got her makeup done. I want the groom to remember exactly how the light hit the most beloved person in their life. Every moment makes the day as extraordinary as the bride and grooms love story and it warms my heart to celebrate this event with them.


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Families bring joy, closeness, laughter, and are the most precious things in the entire world. I want to capture the joy that makes your family uniquely yours. I want to play, not pose, and experience those little smiles that will last a lifetime. I capture real memories; real moments. I’ll tickle toes and bellies like no other photographer I know. I want the emotion and expression to be the first thing that’s noticed when you're viewing your beautiful session. Let's tell your story as I would tell my own, with an abundance of heart and magic.

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Aurora Dawn Seniors are full of life, ready to go, and know exactly who they want to be. They bring their creativity and their own personal art to every session. Most of them don't arrive looking to celebrate the end of their schooling, but to embrace the world and the experiences headed their way. These custom sessions are built to show exactly that; who they want to be. ​

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It all started with a little heartbeat, then flutters, then a world of pink, blue, or both. The mystery of becoming someone's everything is the most incredible experience. It should be commemorated with bells, whistles, and a myriad of fireworks in a rainbow of colors. In other, less whimsical terms, it should never, ever be missed. Create an unforgettable experience during your pregnancy that you can share with not only your children but your grandchildren. These moments truly are an heirloom that will be talked about for years to come.

Maternity Packages begin at $325! Contact Aurora Dawn Photography for custom packaging.

That moment of bliss has finally arrived. Your bundle has arrived, all smiles with little fingers and even tinier toes. How can they seem even smaller? Don't blink (or sleep!) because the minutes, months, and milestones fly by. Lifestyle Newborn sessions capture your family as you welcome your tiniest human. Cuddle in bed with him or her, or maybe sit in a rocking chair. These comfy sessions are amazingly emotional and something that is essential for reminiscing.  

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I see you, confident and brave. Conquering your story and living life to the fullest. You're ready to do something for you - or him or her too, let's be honest! I am ready to show you your absolute best you and there's nothing that does that like a session that is built for you. I'll bring the champagne and you can bring the best part of you, let's do it! 

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custom boutique pricing

custom boutique pricing

creative fee begins at $350

creative fee begins at $350

creative fee begins at $350

creative fee begins at $325

creative fee begins at $375

Creative Fee Includes:

Hand edited professional high-quality Images

Posing guidance

On-location scouting or in-home session 

Access to available props

Photographers time and talent

Custom ordering for professional quality prints and products